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mountaindrop original

How to use

Dissolve the product in warm, not chlorinated water, tea or milk and drink it, or take it directly and let the shilajit to dissolve in your mouth.
Amount per serving:
Shilajit: 200 mg
Take 1-3 measuring spoons (0,2 – 0,6 g) and fully dissolve them in water or warm tea, with temperature up to 39 degrees.
Store at ambient temperature and not directly exposed to the sun.
  • The following instructions are intended for the Mountaindrop Original which is in its original resin form

Step 1

Break off a piece of shilajit in the size of a grain of wheat or in the size of a pea.

Step 2

Dissolve shilajit in warm or cold not chlorinated water, tea or milk (or in your very own power smoothie!

Step 3

Shilajit dissolves fully within a few minutes. Stir and consume.
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