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Our Story

Just a single drop can cause a ripple effect. Our journey to discovery of shilajit was the drop that started it all.

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The perfection of nature can enable us to develop our highest potentials in a variety of areas. Many people have seen their lives thoroughly changed with the discovery of this black mountain pitch. It has made many people very happy on their way to a more healthy and fulfilling life and thoroughly surpassed our own personal expectations. We are proud to share this gift of nature with you in its purest form.
Peter Babarović, founder & CEO of Mountaindrop

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Back in Ljubljana, in 2010, we launched our first natural product store. We are a team of professionals and enthusiasts sharing the same views about life, wellness and well-being. Among the many different disciplines that comprise our team, there is a professional sportsman (aikido teacher) also lecturing internationally on management and communication, a BSc geologist, a radiesthesist, a licensed nutritionist and many more.


Dedicated to spread the knowledge on a healthy way of life, wholesome food and personal growth we are constantly searching for high-quality natural and Earth-friendly products from all over the world. In one of our journeys around the globe we came across one of the most amazing discoveries...


A mysterious black mountain pitch called shilajit, extremely rare. The remote places where it can be found are few and far between. After some more research we found that shilajit has been an important part of many renowned traditional healing practices for thousands of years. Very rich in nutritional properties Shilajit is almost considered a kind of panacea. We knew that this finding was something truly special...


The geologist of our team acquired shilajit samples from various parts of the world and tested them. We also examined them by means of radiesthetic measurements, which enabled us to select the one with highest energy level and the purest biofield. We also performed rigorous laboratory analyses to ensure its authenticity, purity and safety always in accordance with the EU regulations.


It was decided early on that in order to preserve all the beneficial properties of such a faschinating substance as shilajit, we should store it in a special package that it would certainly protect it as it is sensitive to heat and direct sunlight. For this reason we decided to use high qulity violet glass with biophotonic properties.


I still remember that moment... How to describe this wonder of nature the black drops of which slowly oozing from inside the mountain and covering the rocks like black velvet? The name came up all by itself – perhaps because a single drop of this elixir gives such a boost of life? MOUNTAINDROP

Experience the Authentic Shilajit

We select and source only the best shilajit of the highest quality from around the world


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The Making Of Mountaindrop: Our Quest For The Ultimate Shilajit
We source and deliver authentic shilajit of the highest quality and produce natural wellness products based on this marvelous superfood
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