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vivify your routine

Increase clarity and focus in the office and boost your energy and stamina while at the gym. Shilajit will give you the power surge you need to perform at your maximum potential every single day no matter how demanding it is
a total hyperfood

to support your wellness all day long

Mountaindrop Shilajit packs an impressive range of vitamins and minerals both of them in ionic form, which means they’re much easier to absorb. Shilajit also contains amino acids, fulvic acid and phospholipids. It is a superior natural superfood that will boost your day

Mountaindrop Supports:

  • Mental and cognitive functions
  • Men's & womens sexual function
  • The metabolism of fats and sugars


  • To normalise body weight


Empower your day

Handle the day at the office more efficiently with less mental fatigue and more focus. Perform better at your sports activities with increased energy and stamina. Mountaindrop® will give you the extra edge every single day.

benefits for both

For her

  • Great for skin, hair & nails
  • Supports sexual functions
  • Regulates hormones
  • Helps maintain balance and
    comfort of the menstrual cycle

For him

  • Supports sexual functions
  • Helps maintain the health
    of the urinary system
  • Helps maintain the health
    of the prostate gland
  • Helps to normalize body weight

Experience the Authentic Shilajit

The powerful superfood in its original resin form that will boost your body and mind
secrets unlocked
Brain Unleashed: Shilajit’s Powerful Path To Peak Cognitive Performance


Shilajit is a unique natural superfood thanks to its rich content in minerals, vitamins and other beneficial nutrients. Learn how shilajit can boost your performance enhance your day!

How to use

Mountaindrop® shilajit resin can be used not only as a powerful food supplement but also as an effective cosmetic product! Discover how you can get the most out of your shilajit.
We source and deliver authentic shilajit of the highest quality and produce natural wellness products based on this marvelous superfood
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