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At Mountaindrop, we are committed to excellence and transparency in delivering the highest quality Shilajit. Our certifications are a testament to our dedication to purity and safety, ensuring that you receive a product that meets rigorous standards. With our certified Shilajit, indulge in nature's goodness with confidence.

Manufacturing certificates

Stability Tests

These reports showcase whether the quality of the product is deteriorated during its shelf life. Mountaindrop shilajit has been tested and certified by J. S. Hamilton Testing Laboratory. We are proud to report that the samples tested didn't lose their efficacy or beneficial properties during their shelf life.

BIO certificate

registered trademark

secrets unlocked
GMP Unleashed: The Rigorous Standards Behind Quality Of Our Premium Shilajit
We source and deliver authentic shilajit of the highest quality and produce natural wellness products based on this marvelous superfood
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